Insignia of the Vermacht (also used for Heer)

The Wehrmacht (German for "Defense Force") was the name for the unified armed forces forces under the control of Nazi Germany active from 1935-1946. They are the main enemies in the Sniper Elite Series.

Branches Edit

The were a total of three Branches of the Wehrmacht, they are as follows:

  • Heer (Army)
  • Kriegsmarine (Navy)
  • Luftwaffe (Air Force)

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Deployment Edit

North Africa Edit

The Wehrmacht were deployed throughout North Africa, during the early days of the war. They were a powerful mechanized force and had multiple cities and bases under their control. Having troops stationed in Tunisia, Egypt Libya and several other countries.

German Soldiers

Battle of Berlin Edit

By the end of the war, the Wehrmacht had been pushed back to Germany by the combined powers of the Allied forces. All but defeated, their efforts were focused on protecting the capital city of Berlin.