Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 Artwork 9-0

Suicide Grunt is a zombie whose only attack consists of running towards the player screaming and detonating a grenade when he has reached his target. This causes a high amount of damage, but does not deal lethal damage to the player. He dies from a single shot, and explodes shortly after, dealing damage to everyone around him. He can also be kicked, but will explode and cause damage to the player. This variant seems to wear a Nazi version of the Hachimaki. The best way to deal with a Suicide Grunt is to snipe them before they get too close.

Trivia Edit

  • Quite often, a Suicide Grunt will place its grenade in its mouth before it detonates.
  • Suicide Grunts sometimes shout ''Halten Sie!'' which is German, and means ''Hold it!'' or ''Stop!''. He will also shout "Tötet Sie!" which is German, and means "Kill them!".