A horde of Skeletons attacking, note the glowing cores.

 Skeletons are a fairly common enemy found in Zombie Army Trilogy. They are reanimated corpses so decomposed, nothing is left but the skeleton and a glowing heart. Armored Skeletons also appear in the game.

Traits & tacticsEdit

While the player can still outrun them, skeletons move faster than regular zombies, but are much more frail. However, the only way to kill them is to shoot them directly at their heart or kick them when they are in melee range. Since skeletons only take one hit to kill, it is often wiser to wait till they get close enough and simply kick them to conserve ammo. For large groups of skeletons near close quarters, machine guns and shotguns can prove effective. They often move in a weaving manner, making it more difficult to hit than regular zombies.

The Armored Skeletons work the same way, except that their chests are often covered in heavy armor. Explosives are a good way to get rid of them, either destroying them completely or leaving you a hole in their armor to shoot them through their hearts. Kicking won't do any damage to armored zombies; They will simply fall down for a moment and rise back up.


  • Killing 100 skeletons will unlock "Keep your damn filth bones out of my mouth!" -achievement.
  • Similarly to regular zombies, skeletons can also be killed prematurely with one hit while they are still spawning.
  • Skeletons can't wield any weapons.
  • Bullets will go straight through the skeleton's hearts, making it possible to kill multiple with one hit.
  • Killing a skeleton by kicking it won't add to a combo already in progress (i.e. Combo x5 won't become Combo x6 after kicking a skeleton)
  • When the kill cam is active after sniping a skeleton, the kill cam speed is much faster, compared to a common grunt zombie kill cam.