• Find a way into the old city

You enter the area to the south of the old city. There are a few soldiers on patrol, and the are both isolated. There is also an airplane providing a sound mask from time to time, which makes it easy to pick off targets.

  • Search Vahlen's office
  • Observe the officers and tag the correct one
  • Kill the officer and retrieve the intel

The selected officer is randomly determined, although you can tag all three without penalty.

  • Destroy the Panzer IV to escape the city
  • Eliminate the snipers


Optional ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy Flakvierling AA guns (3).
  • Investigate German supply caches
    • One is located in the building east of the northen sniper nest.
    • One is in the cluster of buildings, just north and west of the excavation area.
    • One is in the west building in the middle section.
  • Make his death look like an accident.
    • The general will go on a walk, and eventually finish his walk near some precarious structure with nearby explosives. Depending on the general, this will either be one of two trucks, or some scaffolding.

Collectible CardsEdit

Sniper NestsEdit

  1. South east tower, close to the AA gun. This is reached by climbing a series of ladders within a tower, and should have a good view of the city.
  2. In the eastern tower, somewhere west of the AA gun.
  3. In the north building.

War DiariesEdit

Long ShotsEdit