Ratte Factory is the final chapter in Sniper Elite III, where Fairburne reaches the location of the Ratte Factory and Vahlen, finishing off both enemies at once.


The approach to the upper Ratte Factory has a few soliders on the path, the first is facing away, and the other on a light patrol.

Destroy the Power transformers on each level

The Upper Ratte Factory is on both sides of the canyon, with bridges separating the two sides. On the left are two soldiers in a discussion, and the right has a small storage area.

On the left, there is machinery that sometimes makes loud noises that you may use to cover your shots.

The transformer locations have objective markers, and don't require special means to access beyond a normal approach. They can be destroyed by using flint on a nearby explosive.


Optional Objectives:

  1. Collect German advanced weapon plans (4)

Collectible Cards:

Sniper Nests:

  1. First right-hand location, overlooks the other factory.
  2. On the left of the canyon, through a tunnel that overlooks a few bridges.

War Diaries:

Long Shots: