Briefing Edit

Major-General Hans Von Eisenberg was negotiating, in secret, for safe passage for his team-five of V2 program's top men. He was meeting his Russian handler at the Brandenburg Gate. This is my chance to take him out before he seal the deal. I was prepared, focused, confident.

Little did I know it would turn out to be the most difficult mission I'd ever undertaken.

Walkthrough Edit

It is a tutorial and it shows most of the basic gameplay so you must be focused if you are just a beginner. First, you will learn the binoculars uses and how to walk, then you learn about setting trip wire, crouch, rock distraction and prone. Later, you learn taking cover, shoot from your sidearm and secondary weapon and setting up mines. You will reach your target with the Russian and the Major General having a meeting while the German private is at the jeep waiting, it teach how you to shoot your target through distance, gravity and wind. I recommend you not just to shoot the target but also the Russian and the Private since it had drama there through order: the Russian, the Major General then the Private.

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