Officers are a new enemy type introduced in Sniper Elite 4.

Description Edit

Officers are the weakest enemies in the game, armed with only a simple pistol and having very low health. However, their danger lies in their ability to rally troops under their command. When alerted, they will blow their whistle and command their troops to find the intruder, forcing them to leave cover and actively seek the player out. When killed, their troops become demoralized and are more likely to hide rather than charge the player.

Officers are usually located in out of the way locations, such as buildings, making them more difficult to snipe. They are always wearing distinctive headgear and uniforms.

Strategy Edit

Officers should be the first enemies killed when possible, as they can make the soldiers around them more aggressive. In addition, officers will drop patrol schedules when killed, which automatically mark enemies in a certain area, making them a lucrative target. They are not difficult to kill and not very dangerous in direct combat, but will hide behind their troops.