Occult General

Occult Generals are a very uncommon zombie boss. They are very powerful and can summon entire hordes of enemies on a whim. They usually appear as the final boss on the final chapter of an episode.  



The Occult General is an enemy spirit. It appears in the second and fifth mission of the first game, and on the final mission of the second game. He ascends through the ground as a spirit, floats in the air and is stationary throughout his appearance. Whenever the player manages to destroy all the skulls orbiting him, he turns corporeal and becomes vulnerable to headshots.

He is an SS commander by the looks of his black uniform and is transparent during most of the time. He possesses a skull for a face with flaming eyes.

He will spawn a variety of zombies including the standard zombies , skeletons , suicide grunts, and elites.


  • It is wise to attempt this mission with two or more players due to the vast amount of zombies the general spawns.
  • Try to focus on shooting down the skulls that orbit him, and when he transforms into his corporeal form, keep shooting him in the head until he screams and loses health. Kill the zombie spawns only if they get too close to you, as every wave he spawns is harder than the previous.
  • An Occult General wears collar tabs with skulls on them, and has an iron cross on his pocket. His model (minus the head) is merely a re-textured version of Hitler's model.