Major Klaus Rothbauer is General Heinz Böhm Right-hand man, who to him was his close friend, and mentor.

Sniper Elite 4 Edit

Klaus, and Böhm, were sent to Italy in November 1941, to root out the "seeds" of resistance, and were mainly stationed around Alagra. Rothbauer, considered working with Böhm, as an honour, and great privilage. His unquestionable loyalty earned him as Böhm's right hand man, and he was trusted with some of his most valuable secret documents, such as "Halting the Avalanche".

Rothbauer was stationed at Giovi Fiorini, at the local villa in center of the town. Rothbauer had also had an informant at the town, Mrs Brunildo Armello. When the Italian partisans, led by Sofia "Angel" Di Rocco, Böhm had trusted him with the "reception" for the partisans, which ended with total success for Rothbauer. When the mopping up of the area was complete, Rothbauer had Oberleutnant jürgen Bernat, have propaganda leaflets made, to discourage resistance, and had the leaflets placed on a truck with a armed convoy move under heavy protection. However SOE sniper Karl Fairburne, assassinated him, in order to gain the secret documents in the safe, within his office.

Trivia Edit

Despite being a Major, he wore the uniform of a Brigadier General.