General Hans von Eisenbergs Team was a group of five Nazi scientists, who were among the best involved with the V-2 Rocket Program. When Germany were facing defeat, von Eisenberg, attempted to make arrangements for the teams safe passage to the Soviet Union for him and his team.

OSS Agent Karl Fairburne was dispatched to eliminate the team.

Members Edit

Von Eisenberg

General Hans von Eisenberg Edit

Leader of the Group. Attempted to arrange safe passage for the team. He was assassinated at the Brandenburg Gate by Karl Fairburne, while trying to negotiate for safe passage to the Soviet Union with a Russian contact. He was the first member of the team to die.


Dr Gunther Kreidl Edit

Attempted to escape under armed escort with a convoy of soldiers, while carrying intel on the location of the V-2 production Facility. He was killed in an in an ambush laid by Karl Fairburne. He was the second to die.


Dr Efram Schwaiger Edit

Betrayed the team, and attempted to defect to the United states. It is possible he was the one who supplied the information on his team with the intent of having them killed. His treachery was discovered and he was due to be executed. His execution was halted by Karl Fairburne, though he died a wound after being caught in a crossfire. He was the third to die.


Dr Müller Edit

Took shelter in a tower, in the middle of an air raid on Berlin. Fairburne assassinated him after infiltrating neighboring Tiergarten Flak Tower, and setting up in the winch room. He was the fourth to die.


Dr Wolff Edit

Chemical weapon specialist of the group. Attempted to launch a V-2 rocket with Tabun payload at London with the help of a faction of the Red Army, as a final attack on the Allies. Fairburne stopped the launch, and destroyed the last rocket and the tabun payload. Fairburne assassinated him whilst he attempted to drive away from on top of the Brandenbug Gate. He is the fifth and final member of the team to die.