Elite Zombies are a fairly common sub-boss type enemy in Zombie Army Trilogy. Originally members of the Waffen-SS, these Zombies have been specifically created to be smarter, stronger, and much more deadly than their average brethren. Elite Zombies can take a lot of abuse; whereas a normal Zombie would be killed in a single headshot, it can take up to 5 direct headshots to kill an Elite. Explosives can deal a bit of damage, but similarly to headshots, they require multiple to be killed.


The Machine Gunner is a tall, slow-moving zombie. It carries an MG 42, as well as multiple belts of ammunition across his chest. It wears a helmet and a swastika armband on its left arm. One of only a few zombies with a ranged attack, he will slowly walk towards the players while firing his MG42. A player can be downed within a few seconds of direct fire from The Machine Gunner, so cover is very important when fighting them.      

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The Machine Gunner

Fire Demons are tall, flaming zombies with an ability to spawn Ignited Zombies. Unlike other elites, they do not directly chase the player, but will stay in his vicinity and spawn more enemies. They will occasionally stop on their tracks to rest, allowing the player to land a few easy headshots.      

A Fire Demon

Zombie Elite - Chainsaw

A Chainsaw Elite

The Chainsaw Elites are much rarer than the Machine Gunners. They are also much faster and chase the player with their chainsaw. Like Fire Demons, the Chainsaw elites will sometimes stop for a moment to rest.

Armored Elites are quite similar to Armored Zombies, but are notably taller, slower, stronger and posses more durable armor. The best way to deal with Amored Elites is to use heavy explosives to try and strip them from their armor plates. They are invulnerable to kicking, and can carry no weapons.

A horde of Armored Elites

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