Dr Efram Schweiger was a German scientist during the Second World War.

Sniper Elite V2 Edit

He unwillingly helped the Nazi's develop the V-2 rockets. He attempted to defect to the United States, much to the surprise of Karl Fairburne who had been tasked with assassinating him.

After his plans to defect were discovered, a German captain planned on executing him at dawn in Operlantz. Karl stopped the execution, and provided him with cover fire while he tried to make it to safety, though he was critically wounded. Karl tried to protect them from the Russians, though he later died from his wound, giving the final word "Tabun" to Karl.

Zombie Army Trilogy Edit

Schweiger is one of the four original characters in Zombie Army Trilogy, and is selecctable at any time.

Appearance and attire Edit

Schwaiger is a Caucasian male with dark brow hair and blue eyes.

He wears a dark grey suit, with a white shirt and black tie, and black dress shoes, as well as a pair of round glasses.

During the events of the Zombie Army Trilogy he also wears a fedora, black scarf, several ammunition pouches, a small dagger and a pair of braces on his forearms, as well as the survivor brigade armband on his left arm. He also wears riding boots instead of his dress shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Schwaiger is the only character in Sniper Elite V2 who Karl talks to.