Dr Wolff was a German scientist during the Second World War. He was a member of Hans von Eisenberg's team, a chemical weapons specialist. He had planned to send a V-2 rocket with a Tabun Payload from Köpenick, aimed at London, with the aid of the Soviet Union, under the guise of blaming Germany. However, the plan failed as Karl stopped the launch and attempted to escape to Tiergarten Airstrip in 18:45 so he could escape to Moscow with the V2 rockets files but he was assassinated by Karl when he shot at Wolff's heart and turned the jeep upside down.

He was the final target to be killed by Karl Fairburne in Sniper Elite V2.

He seemed to be frrends with Böhm, Kessler and the some Scientests of the Deathstorm program, as some letters sent to them from him can be found in Sniper Elite 4.

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